Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Taking a Bite Out of Rudolph

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

RWNJ (Right Wing Nut Junketeer) Congressman Steve King (R-Iowa), along with a group of fellow House members, flew to the Middle East over the holidays to help with the peace process (or shop, or sunbathe, or play golf, or whatever), all on the taxpayer's dime - of course.    After leaving Cairo, Mr. King decided to stop by Oslo, Norway, on his way back to the States.  While there he sampled the local cuisine.

What was on the corn-fed congressman's menu?  Why reindeer, of course.  Today he posted a photo on Twitter showing his fancy meal that contained reindeer meat.  The less-than-culturally-sensitive Mr. King thought the folks back home needed to see how well Norwegians (and congressmen) live - or at least how well they eat.  (His tweet failed to mention Norway's wildly successful single-payer health care system - a system far more socialized than anything ever even imagined by the Obama administration.)

While some of the home-state good old boys probably thought eating reindeer was pretty cool and daydreamed about thinning out a few Scandinavian herds with their favorite automatic weapons, King's younger constituents were no doubt horrified!

(And Sarah Palin thinks it's the Democrats who are waging a war on Christmas!)

What will you be shoveling down your gullet for Easter, Steve?  Rabbit?

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