Monday, December 2, 2013

Getting to Know West Plains

by Pa Rock
Home Owner

Most of today was spent putting around West Plains as I took care of some necessary chores.  Boone is back in school, and Nick helped me navigate through the town.  For a community of just over 12,000 individuals, West Plains has a remarkably complicated system of roads and byways - possibly laid out by Daniel Boone after he consumed the wrong mushrooms!

All of the stops today involved spending money.  I paid my taxes at the Howell County Courthouse, and then we visited City Hall where I took care of the current electric bill.  Nick took me to a Meeks home improvement store so that we could by sealer with stain for the deck.  He is going to take care of that task for me.  While at Meeks I found some great rustic furniture for the front porch - but I will put that purchase off until the spring.  My new house has a wonderful covered front porch, and a nice, small deck outside of the back door.  They are both wonderful places to sit and relax - and observe nature.

The big money went toward the purchase of carpet - upstairs and down.  The carpet will be installed next Monday with Nick supervising.   It will be so nice to move into a house with new carpeting.

Tomorrow I am heading off to northwest Arkansas where I will spend the night at my sister's place - then go on to Noel Wednesday to take care of some business there before heading on to Kansas City.  (You may already know this, but everything is up to date in Kansas City!)

Flying back to Phoenix on Friday.

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Xobekim said...

Keep an eye on the Weather Channel. Looks like an ice/snow event is moving in to Southwest Missouri about the time you are to take the trip back to KC.

Always had good times in West Plains. On my first visit in the late 50's we got a flat tire, from a horseshoe nail!