Friday, August 16, 2013

Puzzle Me This

by Pa Rock
Sick Puppy

Today's column is a dump of things currently going in my life.  It is the sort of crap that routinely gets posted on Facebook, but not being a member of the world's biggest open sewer, I'll put them here instead.

This was my last government furlough day and unfortunately, I am sick - which is why I can't get very creative.  Somehow I managed to come down with the flu in the Valley of Hell in August.  The temperature outside is 112 degrees, but those flu bugs are apparently tough hombres.  I have spent most of the day lying on the couch feeling sorry for myself.  It would be nice to have somebody here in the house to wait on me hand-and-foot, but those services come at a heavy price!

The odometer on my 2005 Saturn Vue passed the 100,000 mile mark this morning while I was driving to McDonald's for a breakfast oatmeal.  Old car for an old coot.  Ah, the symmetry!

Earlier this week I completed a jigsaw puzzle (Chichenitza painting - 1000 pieces).  I have been working on it for three months.  The puzzle proved to be exceedingly hard to assemble.   As I was nearing completion I counted the pieces remaining and the spaces remaining, only to discover that I was two pieces short.  When it was finished, I had three spaces remaining and one piece that didn't fit in any of them..  Eventually I found a piece that was already in place, but did not look right.  I moved it into one of the vacant spots - and discovered that the extra piece fit in the hole that moving the piece other had created.

So I needed two pieces:  numbers 999 and 1,000.  Number 999 turned up between two couch cushions, and number 1,000 was under the coffee table - even though I had already checked there several times.  Now, because I have so much time invested in the project, I feel obligated to get it fixed and framed.

Next up, a great puzzle of the Titanic - 1,500 pieces.  That ought to last until I retire.

That's what's happening in my life.  I hope the excitement doesn't wear me down.


Xobekim said...

Sounds like Valley Fever where air gets stale and the desiccated remnants of things long dead are captured in atmospheric dust by the relentless construction in the Valley. Back here you'd be gearing up for ragweed. Neither is fun, at 112° you have grounds to complain.

Now, if you these cats of mine you'd have far more missing pieces. I often overlook the obvious because where I am looking falls right on the bifocal lines of my spectacles. They have a habit of sliding down my nose!

Hope you feel better. And does that mean you're due to retire around Christmastime?

Don said...

Actually, this is a lot better than Facebook! I don't have to worry about the inane meanderings of those to whom I foolishly granted access before fully understanding the extent of their banality.

Get well and stay well. Relief is on the way!!