Saturday, May 18, 2013

Saturday with Aunt Mary

by Pa Rock
Proud Nephew

My lovely Aunt Mary King, who will be eighty-eight in just over two months, has been in Glendale this week visiting friends, and today I managed to catch up with her.  Glendale, which fifty years ago was just a small town out beyond Phoenix, today stretches across much of the West Valley.  My home, in fact, is in Glendale - and it was about a twenty-five minute drive over to the part of Glendale where Mary is staying - much of it by an expressway designed to speed cars from one part of the Valley to another.

Mary, who has spent most of her life in San Diego, has been busy touring the Phoenix area with her friends.  Today I brought her to Luke Air Force Base to show her my home and where I work.  That was followed by lunch at Haus Murphy's in "old town" Glendale.  After a wonderful German meal we strolled much of the original town of Glendale visiting some shops and touring a classic car show that was taking place around the community's park.  A band was playing songs from the fifties and sixties - an era when music had words and melodies - songs that some of us can still sing along to, from memory, half-a-century later.  And we we both singing!

It was a very charming and peaceful afternoon, and the weather was surprisingly pleasant.  We were able to eat our meal outside in the beer garden at Haus Murphy's.  The pleasant weather will soon disappear in the Great Phoenix Bake-Off, but for today, at least, Aunt Mary and I were able to enjoy being outside.

And we thoroughly enjoyed our visit!

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