Thursday, May 9, 2013

A Tale of Two Bicycles

by Pa Rock
Shameless Peddler

Recently I bought a bicycle.  It is a beautiful, no-speed beach cruiser with 18 inch wheels and big, wide handlebars.  The only thing it lacked was a basket for my little dog, Toto, and assembly.  So the bike is currently with a friend who is putting it together for me.   (I have no patience or talent for putting things together - and I lied about having a little dog.)  But I am anxious to get my big bike with the soft, wide seat - and begin peddling around my neighborhood.

My new bicycle is quite distinctive and I had never seen another one quite like it - until last Tuesday evening, that is.  I was downtown for a play when I came upon a a two-tone, but basically white, version of my bike - which is black - chained to a lamp post.  I spent several minutes circling the chained classic and taking in all of its beautiful detail before heading into the theatre.

The next day, Wednesday, I stood with a group of friends watching a television news bulletin on the Jodi Arias murder trial which was held in downtown Phoenix in roughly the same area where I had seen the play the night before.  As the cameras panned the crowd on the street, who should amble by but a guy pushing the exact bike that I had spent so much time admiring the evening before!

I'm not so sure that I understand why Ms. Arias is no longer a blond, but I fully understand that the guy on the street has a really sweet bike!

Ride on, brother!

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Anonymous said...

Reading this post was a great way to start my day. Thanks, Pa Rock!