Saturday, May 4, 2013

Houston, You Have a Problem

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

Not content with his asinine position of trying to minimize the role that lax gun laws played in the massacre at the Sandy Hook Elementary School, the National Rifle Association's huckster-in-chief, Wayne LaPierre, is now out trying to suggest that things would have somehow gone down better in Boston last month if more people had been armed.

That's the NRA's knee-jerk answer to everything:  more guns.  School shootings:  more armed teachers, neighborhood violence:  more armed vigilantes and more stand-your-ground laws, illegal immigration:  more armed citizen patrols.  It's all about selling guns.  Guns, guns, and more guns!  An orgy of guns!

And now it's about automatic weapons, and magazines that hold a hundred rounds, and tazers.  And soon it will be about personal drones.  I heard a guy at the NRA convention say today on the radio today that if he could afford it he would own a tank because he had to protect himself from the tyranny of the government - his government, our government!

70,000 of these types are meeting in Houston this weekend for the NRA's national convention.  Intellectual giants like Sarah Palin and Ted Cruz are whipping them into a frenzy while gun sellers pick their pockets.  And tonight the working girls of Texas will have their turn at the suckers.

It's a full-employment weekend in the Lone Star State!

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