Tuesday, August 1, 2017

The Mooch: Life in the Fast Lane

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

Stephen Colbert must be in mourning.

Anthony Scaramucci, the 53-year-old "wonder kid," was relieved of his duties as the White House Communications Director yesterday and escorted off the grounds.  He was on his eleventh day in that job when he was shown the door. 

And while the tenure of "The Mooch" may have been brief, it was certainly one marked by numerous achievements.  During the 250 hours in which Anthony Scaramucci served his golden idol, Donald Trump, he underwent some remarkable professional and personal achievements.

During the time that "The Mooch" groveled before his glorious master he gave an unforgettable interview to Ryan Lizza of The New Yorker, one in which he unloaded on other White House staff with a barrage of threats and expletives so intensely colorful that it made multiple news cycles.  He also dined at the White House with Sean Hannity and other unbiased and "fair and balanced" personalities from Fox News, and was on hand to cheer his boss on as he gave a completely inappropriate political speech to the Boy Scouts' National Jamboree.

Also during those ten-plus days in July Scaramucci became a free man, of sorts, when his wife, Deidre Ball, filed for divorce.   The aggrieved spouse was so outspoken in her displeasure with Anthony's salivating eagerness to work for Trump that she practically tagged The Donald as a co-respondent in the matter.  Then, a day or two later, Ms. Ball gave birth to a son, her second child with Scaramucci.

Hired for his dream job, dining with Hannity, demonstrating his communication skills to Ryan Lizza, flying on Air Force One, getting rid of the old ball-and-chain, having a son, and getting fired.  Anthony Scaramucci truly was living life in the fast lane.

But all  of that was just the cake.  The frosting arrived when The Mooch checked out his listing in the latest Harvard Alumni Directory and discovered that he was dead.  That really had to hurt!

Where does Trump find these people?

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Don said...

Although Gen. Kelly seems to have gotten away with ditching the Mouch Man, it'll be interesting to see how long he lasts. Since he was offered his position twice before accepting, he probably elicited some promises from Trump. It's hard to imagine Trump's kids, for example, just running into the Oval whenever they feel like it.

Things at the White House seem to be happening in fast motion, so I have Kelly two months before being fired after upstaging Trump in one way or another.