Friday, May 5, 2017

The Sun, She Shines

by Pa Rock
Farmer in Spring

The sun is out in southern Missouri, at long last, and it is a beautiful blue and green day!  Alexa just gave the farmer an extended weather forecast which calls for bright, sunny days up until next Wednesday, when it may rain again.  It would appear as though the farmer has five days in which to make hay while the sun is shining!

First up on the farmer's chore list is getting the yard mowed and the garden planted.  He also has to fill the large flower pots with fresh dirt and new flowers, and fill the large hole that was left from the removal of the old (busted) basketball goal.  The little goslings, who still have all of their baby fuzz but are now the size of adult ducks, need to be moved to new, outdoor quarters, along with their close friends, the four baby ducks - who are also getting way too large for their little pen.  Moving them will require hauling fresh straw to the enclosed garden area and shed where they will be staying - and then cleaning out their muddy and nasty old area so that the baby chickens can be upgraded into it.  Then the area that the baby chicks have been living in will also have to be cleaned.

When all of that is under control, the farmer will shift his focus to getting things moved into the two new utility buildings and then making some major renovations to the garage - and any "spare" time he has will  be spent on the lawnmower.

Or, to paraphrase Miss Emily Litella, when it comes to life on the farm, "It's always something."

Enjoy the sunshine - and make some hay!

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