Tuesday, April 25, 2017

White Trash Dine-In at the White House

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

God alone knows the extent of the desecration that has occurred in the White House since Donald Trump claimed it as his occasional home and office last January, but one particularly egregious affront to the dignity of the place occurred last Wednesday evening when Trump invited infamous grifter Sarah Palin to stop by for a private dinner and visit.  Apparently, almost as an afterthought, he said that she could bring along a couple of friends.

So Sarah showed up with two friends and their significant others in tow.  One the friends was musician Kid Rock, and the other was infinitely more notorious and an intellectual equal of Ms. Palin - Ted Nugent.   She joked later that she wanted to invite Jesus, but he was already booked.  Sarah added:

“So, yes, I invited my buddies Kid Rock and Ted Nugent, some bold, courageous, all-American dudes who I knew would have good conversation with the president and get to express a lot of good, middle-class, work ethic-type issues and policy proposals that they could all relate to, and that’s exactly what happened at the dinner.”
One White House staffer reportedly paused at reading the names of the proposed guests and asked a colleague, "Who is Theodore Nugent?"

Who indeed!  The ancient rocker is best known as an avid hunter and board member of the National Rifle Association.   He has also made headlines by calling Hillary Clinton a bitch (and worse) and declaring that she and Barack Obama should be hanged.  When it comes to civility, Ted Nugent has none - yet there he was dining at the White House.

That meal was held this past Wednesday evening and lasted an amazing four hours.  During the time Trump gave the group a room-by-room tour of the White House which included an extended stop in the Oval Office as well as a posing session in front of Hillary Clinton's official White House portrait - where Palin managed to make a face for the camera.  The guests, who dined on the White House's best white china, were nevertheless dressed quite casually with Sarah in particular looking as though her garb could have come from a Wasilla garage sale.

Sarah Palin, ever the self-promoter, posted photos of the sacrilege on her Facebook page the following day.  One member of the public who viewed the photos remarked in a posting that it appeared to be "the biggest gathering of white trash at the White House since the administration of Andrew Jackson."

Noticeably absent from the hillbilly hijinks was Sarah's husband, Todd Palin.

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