Friday, April 21, 2017

If the Creeks Don't Rise

by Pa Rock
Farmer in Spring

Here in the Ozarks one of the ways we gauge the likelihood of something happening is by saying that it will occur if "The good Lord is willing and the creeks don't rise."  Well, the creeks are rising today - but life goes on even in the rain.

This day promises to be a busy one at the Roost.  In addition to the rounds of feeding and watering the animals and the standard trip or two into town, I am also expecting out-of-town company for lunch, and this evening Tim and Erin and the kids will be here - along with Boone, my oldest grandchild, for a weekend visit.  We will be celebrating Boone's upcoming eighteenth birthday.  It should be a wonderful - though very wet - day!

It rained all day yesterday, and this morning it is still coming down in a steady downpour.  The northwest corner of my property, an area that was a pond many years ago, quickly went under water, and one of the routes into town has now been temporarily closed due to a rising creek.

But, it's only water.  It comes, it goes, and life marches on.

The biggest chore on the farm, the mowing, has just been completed, but with all of this moisture, the grass will be ready for another mowing in ten days.  I have a large holly bush sitting in a pot in the front yard that needs to be planted, and the chicken coop is past due for its monthly cleaning.  The garden has been prepared but not yet planted.  When it rains the chores get backed up.

The two new storage buildings arrived this past week. - and they look even better than I imagined they would. (I would hold an open house to show them off if it wasn't for all of this damned rain!) The twelve-by-twenty-four metal structures are impressive.  Both are fitted with plug-ins and light fixtures, but are awaiting connection to a nearby power line.  Shelving also needs to be installed in one before the process of moving the treasure from the house and garage to the buildings can begin.  But it is all on hold until the rain ends.

On a more positive note, it's a great day for staying inside and enjoying the company of loved ones.  Bring on those grandkids!   Maybe we'll take the baby ducks and geese out and let them play in the puddles!

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