Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Ferguson: A Glimmer of Good News

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

Controversy and civil disobedience continue to be the order of the day in and around the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson where citizens are still demanding some sort of justice for Michael Brown, the unarmed black teenager who was gunned down by a white police officer.  But, perhaps more importantly, Ferguson and St. Louis area police continue to overreact and cart demonstrators off to jail .

The past week, on "Moral Monday," social activist Dr. Cornel West was arrested while exercising his First Amendment right of free speech.  In the days preceding West's arrest, two demonstrations were held that garnered public interest and some public support.  Patrons with tickets at a performance of the St. Louis Symphony unfurled banners in support of Brown from the balcony of Powell Theatre during a symphony performance - to the applause of some patrons and even some of the performing musicians.  Fans also demonstrated outside of a St. Louis Cardinals baseball game, an act which drew some reported rebukes from persons in attendance at the game - and at least one report of fans urging the demonstrators to "go back to Africa."

There is still no word on when or whether Officer Darren Wilson, the policeman who shot Brown multiple times, will be indicted.  Right now Wilson continues to be on paid leave.

In an unrelated story about Ferguson - and one that seemingly is a bit of good news for some in the community - an unidentified man from Ferguson won $423,000 in the Missouri Lottery two weeks ago.  The fellow had just dropped one of his five children off at school when he stopped by a local quick stop for a cup of coffee on his way to work.  He also bought a lottery ticket while he was there.  The unidentified winner said that he plans to give some money to his grandmother, his mother, and his sister.  He also said that he plans on buying a dependable car.

Good for the lottery winner!  Now if the police and city government of Ferguson could just smarten up and begin making life better for those that they are supposed to be serving.  We can only hope!

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