Friday, February 8, 2013

The Bush Nudes

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

The personal emails of two former United States Presidents as well as members of their families and close friends have been hacked and posted online.     The material exposes bits of the personal lives of George H.W. Bush (Bush 41) and George W. Bush (Bush 43) as both navigate through their publicly-funded retirements.  Some of the revelations are sad, such as associates and family members discussing funeral plans for Bush 41, and others are just plain weird.

The strangest thing to emerge from the dump of personal correspondence appears to be photo attachments of a couple of paintings by Bush 43 – odd studies of himself in the nude.  It has been known that the former President is spending some of his retirement time learning to paint.  Various sources have reported that he is fond of desolate Texas landscapes.  Now, it looks as though he is fond of himself as well.

The two photos of the paintings have been posted all over the Internet today.  One is of the former President standing in the shower.  It shows the Bush backside from the waist up.    (I’m not an artist, but I think one must assume that he painted it from a photograph.)  The other shows the Presidential legs and feet stretched out in a bathtub.  (That could have been from a photograph as well, or perhaps he set up some sort of lap easel in the bathtub.)

The Daily Beast referred to the art work by George W. Bush as "cringeworthy!"

The Bush nudes were included as attachments to emails that the former President sent to his sister.

Calling Dr. Freud!  Calling Dr. Freud!

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