Sunday, July 24, 2011

Pa Rock's Dead Pool Heats Up

by Pa Rock
Dead Pool Master

The sudden, though certainly not unexpected, death of British singer and dope fiend, Amy Winehouse, has lit a fire under this year's Dead Pool.  Ms. Winehouse was found dead in her home in London yesterday.  (My guess is that she actually died the day before yesterday because  that is the day that I happened to be walking through the Camp Foster Base Exchange and heard Rehab playing as part of the store's background music.  Premonition, anyone?)

Amy Winehouse, due to her serious drug addiction and young age, was a perennial favorite on Pa Rock's Dead Pool.  She was the very essence of a tragic character.  Actor Stephen Fry put a tweet on Twitter this morning that referred to her as a "poor unhappy creature."

The early demise of Amy Winehouse at the age of twenty-seven means that five prescient death dogs earned 73 points each from the sad event.  And two of those five have had an extra sweet year because they also correctly predicated the death of Elizabeth Taylor who died on my birthday (March 23 - put it on your calendar and send presents next year!) at the age of seventy-nine.  Mike, of the Osawatomie Mike's, and Brenda, of the Jane Brenda's, now have a hefty 94 points each.   Molly, of the Salem Molly's, has also scored on two deaths so far - Jeff Conaway (age 60) and Betty Ford (age 93) - giving her a respectable 47 points.

I think this is the first time that the Dead Pool has had contestants with multiple scores.  We are only in  our fourth year, but the death dogs are clearly getting smarter!


BK in MO said...

Man. I should have put Betty Ford on mine and now I'd have four! LOL. I know, I'm greedy….

Anonymous said...

I had never heard of Amy Winehouse, I need to get with it!!