Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My Pod

by Pa Rock
Music Lover

When Miss Carla and I were in New York this winter she let me play with her iPod. I'm not very techie, but I knew at once that I wanted one of my own. Well, a fool and his money are soon parted, and this past weekend I took the plunge. I'm now the proud owner of a silver "Classic" (like me, another silver classic!) that I understand can accommodate my entire extensive collection of music CD's.

I tried to make it go last night, but quickly realized that I should have purchased the deluxe version - the one where they send a thirteen-year-old kid home with you to show you how to operate it. I finally gave up and set the shiny gadget aside.

Today I pulled up the manual on-line and learned a little, then after work I took a trip to Best Buy and picked the brains of one of their adolescent salesboys. With what I learned from Skippy, I was able to come home and charge the battery on my new toy. I have also successfully "ripped" ten CD's into the Windows Music Library. Tomorrow night I will see if I can figure out how to transfer them from the library onto the iPod.

If anyone reading this knows about iPods please respond to this post or drop me a note at pa.rock.macy@gmail.com. One of my questions is how many CD's can I "rip" to the Windows Music Library before my computer freezes up or lays an egg or something? Can I place my whole library (250 CD's or more) in the Music Library, or do I have to dump some every so often? Do you have any special hints on how to transfer from the computer's Music Library to the iPod. (Yes, I can read about it in the manual, but I'm not much of a manual person. If you attempt to teach me something, keep it very simple!)

I'm still dragging myself to the gym most evenings and it continues to be a very boring experience. Perhaps by this time next week my iPod will be loaded and I will be walking on that evil treadmill while "sweatin' to the oldies!"

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I've had too much wine from Missouri said...

OK, I'm sorry, I can't help myself. A fool and his money? LOL A fool for sure, if he owns a PC. You have an ipod; you should have a Mac. A nice, shiny, Mac that you could plug in your ipod to and the Mac would do the rest. All you would have to do is click here to add the songs you want to load, and click there for more. No hard job working with a Mac.
I have a PC at work, and I much prefer my Mac, so I take it with me (it's a little black macbook - ) and if I want, I can open windows in one side and use the Mac OS in the other.
The Mac makes integrating and using photos much easier, and ditto with music, graphics, or just regular documents.
And Excel and Word, etc. look and work exactly the same on a Mac.