Saturday, December 8, 2007


Boone is my older grandson. He is eight-years-old and in the third grade. He is a bright lad who can talk on almost any subject, and he is a spelling machine! He has become a regular at the county spelling bee.

Boone lives in West Plains, Missouri, where he has four adults who love and guide him: his mother and father (who are divorced but keep their difficulties off of him), and his maternal grandparents. All four are dedicated to making certain that he grows up healthy and happy.

Boone’s dad (my son, Nick) is a wonderful parent. He always has time for his son and truly enjoys being with him. They fish, camp, and rollick in the outdoors. Nick and Boone are the best of friends.

Boone calls his other grandfather “Pa,” so I became “Pa Rock,” a moniker that I wear with a great deal of pride. I wish that I lived closer to Boone so that I could be a bigger part of his life, and maybe someday that will happen. But for now I am very happy to know that he has so many good adults close by who are dedicated to helping him grow into a fine adult.

Hey Boone, if you are reading this, here are a couple of words for you to learn to spell. I will check you out on them over Christmas: Albuquerque (where we got off of the train and had the Cold Stone ice cream) and Chihuahua (a state in Mexico and the name of a small dog breed that comes from there). Big words, big guy! Much love – Pa Rock

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