Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Acrostic Poetry

by Pa Rock
Tortured Rhymester

Yesterday in presenting an untitled poem by Lewis Carroll, I referred to it as an acrostic, because, reading down through the first letters of each line, a message was revealed. On November 15th, 2007, I published an acrostic poem of my own - actually a sonnet - in the Ramble. It was meant to be an improvement on the Petrarchian sonnet form. I penned it years and years ago, and am still proud of finished product.

For your reading pleasure...

Ode on a Pet Rock
by Rocky Macy

Palsied mind that wrought so profound a frame
Exact with count and the structure of rhyme
Tortured mind of thoughts contorting for time,
Reason and rhyme – fix your discipline game.
A flaw is present which you may not claim,
Reaching deep, as to the heart of a crime,
Clipped ever precise is half of your climb,
Half, though, is ragged and mortally lame.

Go rework your scheme from the beginning,
Open each line with an important clue,
Only by doing this type of penning,
Fair thoughts made more pregnant will you imbue.
Embolden each verse with empowered meaning,
Demand your pen add dimension to you.

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